Verde Vida (Batch#: 3122)


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Wild Harvested Premium green veined kratom from Borneo

The name Verde Vida means “Green Life”. The name was chosen by a community member among many submissions and the community voted to select this name. Shout out to KarmicGarden for the perfect name!

Rating: Mid-Fast

Ingredients: 100% Organic Mitragyna Speciosa (1.58%) Total alkaloids 2.01%

Mitra% includes Paynantheine of .3-.4

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25g, 100g, 1KG

Strains List

Strain (Link) Mitra % Rating
Benni Benty Bali 1.34 Slow
Benni Darkside .1 Slow
Benni Red Bali .87 Slow
Benni Red Borneo String 1.06 Slow
Benni Red JK 1.15 Slow
Benni Yellow Bali 1.22 Mid Slow
Benni JongKong MD 1.84 Mid
Benni Green Goddess 1.64 Mid
Benni Red Hulu 2.04 Mid
Benni Red Lida 1.63 Mid
Benni Red Sumatra 1.45 Mid
Benni Batak 1.76 Mid Fast
Benni Cafe’ Maeng Da 0.6 Mid Fast
Benni Green Borneo 2.0 Mid Fast
Benni Green Kaydee 1.52 Mid Fast
Benni Green Lida 1.63 Mid Fast
Benni Green Nugroz 1.65 Mid Fast
Benni Gold Sumatra 1.56 Mid Fast
Benni White Sumatra 1.64 Mid Fast
Benni Green Elephant 1.67 Fast
Benni Green Tambora 1.72 Fast
Benni Green Sumatra 1.7 Fast
Benni White Borneo 1.63 Fast
Benni White Lida 1.96 Fast
Benni White MD 1.3 Fast
Benni White Tambora 1.38 Fast