Stem and Vein

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Premium red vein kratom powder

Ingredients: 100% Organic Mitragyna Speciosa

Strains List

Strain (Link) Mitra % Rating
Beleafer Dank Elephant Slow
Benni Bent Kapuas .6 Slow
Benni Benty Bali 1.17 Slow
Benni Red Bali 1.2 Slow
Benni Darkside .01 Slow
Benni Red Borneo String 1.3 Slow
Benni Red JongKong #2 0.6 Slow
Benni Red Maeng Da 1.5 Slow
Benni Red Teku 1.0 Slow
Benni Red Vietnam 0.7 Slow
Benni Super Red Indo 0.7 Slow
Benni Gold MD 0.9 Mid Slow
Benni Kapuas Wreck 1.1 Mid Slow
Benni Premium Red Kapuas 1.1 Mid Slow
Benni Super Red Kali 0.8 Mid Slow
Benni Super Yellow Kali 1.31 Mid Slow
Benni Gold Bali 1.45 Mid
Benni JongKong Maeng Da 1.78 Mid
Benni JongKong Maeng Da #2 1.86 Mid
Benni MD Blend 1.0 Mid
Benni Red Hulu 1.52 Mid
Benni Red Lida 1.82 Mid
Benni Super White Indo 1.4 Mid
STH Red Bali #2 Mid
Benni Green Teku 1.8 Mid-Mid/Fast
Benni Batak 1.83 Mid Fast
Benni Cafe’ Maeng Da 0.7 Mid Fast
Benni Green Goddess 1.9 Mid Fast
Benni Green Kaydee 1.94 Mid Fast
Benni Green Maeng Da 1.3 Mid Fast
Benni Green Vietnam 1.89 Mid Fast
Benni Premium Green Kapuas 1.3 Mid Fast
Benni Super MD 1.2 Mid Fast
Benni Super Green 1.47 Mid Fast
Benni Super Green #2 1.87 Mid Fast
Benni Super Indo 1.2 Mid Fast
Benni Super White Kali 1.43 Mid Fast
STH Premium Maeng Da Mid Fast
Benni Green Tambora 1.3 Fast
Beleafer Green Maeng Da Fast
Benni Green Lida 1.56 Fast
Benni Green Nugroz 1.9 Fast
Benni Green Elephant 1.78 Fast
Benni White Goddess 1.6 Fast
Benni White Maeng Da 1.45 Fast
Benni White Tambora 1.5 Fast
Benni White Teku 1.6 Fast
Benni White Lida 1.9 Fast
Benni Yellow Lida 1.6 Fast
STH Super Green #3 Fast
STH Super Green Malay Fast